Samsung Laundry Eco Bubble Technology

I hear that Samsung 
came up with a new innovative laundry technology called the Ecobubble!

Samsung’s Eco Bubble is equipped with a bubble generator that dissolves detergent into water and injects a combination of water, detergent and air to produce a bubble foam cushion that dissolves into wash water. The foam then distributes itself evenly into fabrics and penetrates 40 times faster than conventional washers while saving up to 70% on energy usage by achieving same performance results with cold water that other machines would with water at 40 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the unique Diamond Drum reduces the risk of fabric damage by preventing fabric from getting snagged, and by creating water pockets that reduce friction. The outcome is a clean, efficient wash, with clothes free of powder, soap residue or damage while saving energy.

Good points:  Clear digital display showing time remaining and showing  the progress of the cycle. Eco bubble technology which cause the detergent to be activated quickly. The bubble generator dissolves detergent into the water and injects air into the drum to create foam from the beginning of the cycle. Samsung claims that the bubble technology allows detergent to penetrate ‘deeper into clothes up to 40 times faster than conventional washers.

Draw backs: high water usage. Small red light flashes continuously throughout wash which can be a little disconcerting.

What I like most is the LED PANEL

The LCD Colour Display of Samsung washing machine automatically analyses the optimum wash cycle for the laundry you just put. The smart and easy control of this display allows the customers to live better and easier life.
This panel is so much better than my old washing machine.. OMG…


I so want to get this Washing Machine!!

check out the new laundry ecobubble technology video

it’s pretty awesome & creative 🙂

This funny video will show us why the bears are impressed with the washer.

Samsung’s Eco Bubble Washing Machine will help us to save time and also save money


Christmas Eve

Hello Readers,

I’m back again for some short blog.. today is Christmas eve.. I’m here to wish all my readers Merry Little Christmas & a Happy New Year 2013 🙂

Enjoy the Holiday Season… 

Mom & I baking apple pie for Christmas Eve today… this is my 1st attempt aha.. not that bad la xD
baking in progress
the outcome.. 

I will be back for more Reviews on Naruko Products after the holiday season…

Holiday break time 😉

My Usual Outfit

My usual outfit of the day…. I bought clothes online which make me easy as you know in Singapore the prices n quality for clothes are so thin n expensive even shopping malls u can see the same clothes in  different outlet that’s why i don’t really like to go shopping in far east to shop n shop in the end i bought nothing at all…
I normally join smoochiezzsprees 100% good customer services & fast.. the parcels normally they wrap with bubble wrapper or plastic with tags and it’s 100% Made in KOREA…  let me show you the tag below… 
100% made in korea.. it’s also come with other tag which i cut it out n throw it away…

now you don’t have to worry when you buy stuff from made sure u join spree is the 100% trusted spree..

let me show you all my zipia loots when the next parcel comes in… 100% korean stuff..

Happy 47th birthday Singapore


Singapore is turning 47 years old on 9 August 2012. I am very proud of this place that I call this my home my country. I was born, raised, educated and live in Singapore for more than 30 years.

I should like to wish all Singaporean Happy 47th Birthday..Super long Weekend this thursday onwards…. ^^It’s great to stay home watching National Day Parade/fireworks on tv.. it’s gonna be road jam on that day itself..  🙂