What do you have for lunch ?

 I doesn’t wanna to have heavy lunch during working hours so  I decided to buy popiah near my work place at market street

This  popiah skin is freshly made, very different from those machine-made ones which are generally hard and dry. You will get to savour the skin, which is delightfully thin and clear, and has a soft and rather chewy texture. The selling point is the fried ‘mang kwang’ (turnip), deliciously combined with the other ingredients such as  cucumber, peanuts & chilli looks healthy food i bet.. can fill up my little tummy while working…


Chinese New Year 2013: Family Reunion

Happy Lunar New Year 新年快乐 and Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜发财 
Let’s bid goodbye to the Year of the Dragon and welcome the year of the Snake.
May the Year of the Snake brings good fortune, good health, happiness and success.

 photo da2ba744-a1e3-4d3c-91ce-21d2cfe62dbc.jpg

Especially in Singapore, there will always be lou-hei in our first dish 

which offers a prosperous  start to a meal tossing.

 photo 6bea80ec-a7f3-4c28-b8e8-b8973c4661f1.jpg
I’m here to wish all my Chinese Friends Happy Chinese New Year 2013. non chinese friends, happy long weekend 🙂
Rest well & Take care …More updates coming soon..


Simple Dinner:: Dry Prawn Noodles

I made simple dinner today when I got some leftover fresh prawns.
oh yeah.. I finally cashout my nuffnang today as you know my blog just hit 4000…
i hope this blog can grow even more than 4000 viewers althought it’s just a simple blog of mine…
more beauty products post coming up Naruko, Rachael K..
Thank you for supporting my blog most of my viewers are from US & Singapore…