Everything about my hair

I’ve finally got around to doing it. It’s all about my hair, what I do with it, what  I don’t do with it,  I need someone who can change my hairstyle and hair color.. looking at my photo below you can see how’s thick is my hair .. 

Recent photo

Back in May 28th 2012,  I chopped my hair to shoulder length hair it’s make me feel fresh haircut was done by Salon Vim my hairstylist is Ivan.. I had yet to visit him for many month..

I plan to do big wavy perm like the photo i shown it above. I’m a very choosy person ah.. it’s make me headache when i don’t know what to do.. I also haven’t colored my hair for years. As a result I  have  seen many bloggers been doing ombre but yet to try it out as i know some office are  not allow bright hair colors.. but i like ash brown.. 😛

talking about my shampoo of choice because i have dry/oily scalp so that i can use is like Matrix Biolage, Cooling mint Shampoo & Conditioner. I also love Paul Mitchelle in terms of dry shampoos i have to do treatment regularly.. I like this shampoo because it’s not heavy kind of shampoo and with the Cooling mint smell can stop my itchy scalp that’s is why i like it a lot. 

I got this from drugstore it’s cheaper like US$14 per bottle.. if you want to join spree.. I can recommend you to 100% good services n trusted Smoochi.  I’m quite regular on their spree and they never lost any item before..



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