Japan Nudy Micro Fiber Eyelid Tape

I’m going to review this super Double Eyelid Tape.

those who don’t have an idea what the heck is Double Eyelid Tape, it maybe because you are lucky to be born with big eyes or even eyes which u don’t need it at all.

Eyelid tapes are best suitable for people with weak eyelids that are droopy or who wants to create double crease eyelid so they can have a pretty big eyes without wearing lens.


Why I use Eyelid Tape?
I’m born with uneven eyelid which means my left eye is double eyelid and my right eye is no eyelid.

so i have to use this on my right eye to make my eyelid even n bigger.

My photos always turn out to be so ugly if i don’t put my eyelid tape on… >.<“”

My reviews on this Eyelid Tape:

I bought my eyelid tape from Sasa.comThis fiber tape can be thicker width or stretch it to become a thinner tape it’s can last more than 8hours.



Before Applying Eyelid tape:
  • Clean & Clear Oil Control film paper to removes excess oil on your eyelid
  • Apply your make up routines and stick this eyelid tape on..

This is how i put on the eyelid tape without make up. I can feel the lift up feeling on my eyes… the effect of this product really good.. 

I’m giving 9/10 


after pulling out for 8hours…



I  like this eyelid tape as you know i had been using many kind of eyelid tape this is 1 of my best so far. it’s thick and last for 8hours when you started to remove the eyelid tape the eyelid it’s still remains there so naturally but it’s will goes off an hour or 30mins.. so if u want perm natural eyelid, you should put on often it’s depends on personal eyelid. 

Good luck for those who want to try it out this product… No harm of trying it… Many males started to use eyelid tape too… see everyone follow the trends to make yourself beautiful or handsome  **^_^ **

feel free to drop me comments i will reply u 🙂


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