Raffles Hospital Checkup

Early morning woke up early for my Radiology Scan over at Raffles Hospital today. I had Ultrasound Scan on my throat area today 

Raffles Place Radiology Level 2
This is my 2nd time visiting here.. I came here sinces year 2000 

I didn’t manage to take photos in the room… privacy 🙂

It’s took about 30mins to scan the whole neck and no food/drink taken before Ultra Sound. 
Manage to bought the Home Make Carrot Cake  & Chocolate of a Thousand Leaves Cake from The Coffeebean

Today My #ootd Outfit of the day is just Casual.. hehe.. Peplum Nude Top that i bought from #Asos Fashion and leggings are from #korea Street Market…
I love this Jeans Legging that i bought it’s from korea gmarket.. it’s thick n keep you warm.. not those kind that i seen in Singapore which is more thinner type…  I  bought this online shall buy it again… hehehe…. that’s all for today…

do stay tune for the Naruko Review Part II ok? 🙂

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