Naruko AMPM Skincare Review Part 1

You have seen my previous post about Naruko that i purchase online.. i’m going to do a short review on every item that i bought. Firstly, I started to use AMPM Skincare HAX3 24HRS Super triple HA hydra restorer.

I took a photo of my skin condition my cheeks which near my nose area with no photo edited

Talking about my skin condition.. I had a bad skin condition which make me irritates a lot  you can see it above the redness patch which is more serious part.. It’s always turn out to be rough n dryness and so the  skin started to peel off  n left with the stupid scars 😦 My doc told me is like so call eczema skin problem. it’s almost been like more than 20 years which make me frustrating after see doc for some creams.. So i had decided to go on to AMPM since this product had been so popular in youtube not even base in taipei.. even in USA n Singapore itself… I give it a try with no harm…

 highly recommendation for  Ladies who have super dry / rough skin. 

After  daily facial and skincare lotion/serum. I will start to apply this cream on my rough skin. I can feel the difference, the rough and the smooth skin it’s comes with Lavender scents  as well.. it’s not a medicated smell.. sort of aroma therapy making feel good…

The cream is super light and it’s won’t make my skin sticky nor oily.. I don’t know how to tell you guys but it’s a good product to use even I started to use this for 2 days only.. pretty happy with this product for sure…

Skin Benefits 
Eliminates dryness, roughness, dullness
Repairs the roughness,dryness dullness skin
Soothing the skin
Vitamin E Complex to keep your dryness,roughness away…

You can purchase this online if you can’t find it in Watson /Guardian..

Naruko USA
Naruko Singapore
Naruko Taiwan
Naruko Malaysia

Thank you for visiting my blog.. 
Feel Free to leave any comments…
Part 2 Naruko will be coming.. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone… Enjoy your long weekend

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