it was my first hair and scalp treatment. I was pretty excited and actually looking forward to it. TK TrichoKare is considered one of the reputed holistic hair and scalp centres in Singapore with Diana Ser as their spokeswoman. 

My Hairstylist from Salon Vim previously told me that i had a bad hair scalp especially on my dandruff is oily/dry sensitive so I had decided to make my first move to Trichokare treatment special promo by which is SGD S$59.99.

Then I was ushered into one of the rooms, the hair specialist consultant assigned to me will conduct a short consultation and a diagnosis of my scalp

The hairstylist gave me a peppermint shampoo with a nice, strong minty smell is supposed to help relax my scalp
after everything it’s done…  She started to put Herbal Follicle Serum 

 Infrared therapy to promote circulation about 10mins.  
Then I met my consultant again in the consultation room to see how my scalp is after treatment.
A quick scan before and half scalp treatment.. you can take a look.. it’s totally a huge different the left is before and the right is after… You can see those white dandruff so clearly.. 

after look.. u can see the difference.. so much healthy now..

I was pleased to see how effective the treatment was for me, especially after just one treatment. Of course a single treatment will not last forever, i’m well aware of that. The trichologist advised that a once-a-month treatment would be sufficient to maintain a cleansed scalp. 

TK TrichoKare is located conveniently at 3 places:
  • Wheelock Place #05-09A
  • Clementi Mall #05-11/12
  • Novena Square #03-19/21


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