My Reviews on GNC B Complex [not sponsored]

General Nutrition Centers is the world’s largest chain of health food stores and America’s largest nutritional supplement manufacturer since 1930’s. That’s why i go for GNC.

B Complex 50 S$31.50
This is how the pill look like u need to take every morning 1 pill after breakfast..
When talking about Supplement.. many of us doesn’t know which supplement to buy.. it’s good to ask your doc for advise and get the right supplement from them or thru GNC..

talking about this Vitamin B Complex…
  • Sources: whole grains, liver, meat, eggs,nuts, bean,fish,brewer’s yeast.
  • importance: metabolism of carbohydrate,protein and fat. helps in nervous system function, maintains healthy muscle tone in the intestinal tract, maintains skin,hair,eye mouth and live health.
  • Nutrient: Absorption inhibited by caffeine, tobacco,
  • Destroyers Alchol, Sleeping oils, estrogen drugs, antibiotics and stress
  • Deficiency: Dry, rough, cracked skin, acne, dull dry, dry or grey
  • Symptoms: hair Fatigue, poor appetite and gastrointestinal health.

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