My Reviews: Medicean Seborrhea {Korea}

If you have several scalp troubles make your life inconvenience like itching, erythma, inflammation, dryness, oily, dandruff, pimple etc. These scalp troubles are known as occurrence of some typical disorders are seborrheic dermatitis atopy.

Hair products such as too strong shampoo, rinse products, spray, mousse can stimulate scalp troubles also. Depends on Scalp trouble cause and symptom’s severity. I have to receive treatment with the dermatologist. It’s is also very important to choose daily shampoo for sensitive scalp. It’s always give me a headache as I told my mom. 
I  decide to go for this 2 product that I found it online made from korea and give it a try… I had been using Nizoral that i bought from US before it’s similiar to this. Hope this works for me.. I don’t really like to go Beijing 101 or Lao fu Ye… I totally hate their pushy services and it’s super expensive to the max… freaking irritating..

Left:   Maintenance Shampoo for improved condition
Right: Shampoo for imrprovement of Scalp Trouble

Medicean Seborrhea Liquid is for scalp trouble it’s relieves your scalp such as itching, oily, dandruff, redness, pimples and etc. it’s helps to normalization of scalp barrier

Medicean Seborrhea Liquid product focusing on improvement of scalp symptom not for hair.
It’s can be not enough foamy, not nice scent and etc than normal shampoos like loreal, pantene n etc

No Paraben, No Color,  No, Perfume added..
Medicean Seborrhea U.G Shampoo is low-irritation, slightly acid shampoo ( ph-4.5 ~ ph5.0)

Mediciean Seborrhea U.G Shampoo is to maintain the improved scalp condition after using of Medicean Seborrhea Liquid.

If  you combine 2 products depend on the scalp condition, it can help to maintain healthy scalp condition.

You can purchase this in Gmarket
The services is good. Door to Door Delivery with friendly delivery man. 🙂

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