My Beauty Products: Bobbi Brown

Few days ago, I manage to head down to Raffles City Robinson as i need to stock up my make up. I don’t really like heavy make up like thick eye shadows thick foundations. For me I prefer to be as simple as possiblee just a basic light make up look more nature and looks healthy.

I got myself a lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner & brush cleaning remover by bobbi brown.

  • Metallic Lip Color – Lipstick Vintage Rose Number 9
  • Lip Gloss Rose Sugar 3  
  • Waterproof Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Caviar Ink 27


Nudey pink shade with a nice sheen but not so shimmer which i quite like the Color alot and guess this metallic lipstick is my favorite in the BB line of lipsticks. Vintage Rose no9 has more beige tones then Pretty Pink. I find that it suits my redheaded coloring very well.
This is the best Lip Gloss I have ever tried. It is moisturizing and comes in loads of different colours (including really cool metalic ones). It stays on for a long time and can be worn with you lipstick or on its own.


This is a good eyeliner which stays and never melts very easy to use and can even last for long time.  My 2nd Choice for eyeline is KissMe liquid eyeliner  and 3rd choice is Bourjour Waterproof Eyeliner. 

This top 3 eyeliner  which never make me fails to use it’s doesn’t smudge at all and can even last the whole day.  


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