Review: Mini Portable Paper Shredder

Hi! Readers,

I am back to do a short post.  Recently i found something portable n useful in
I had tones of old unwanted invoices/papers/bills til now and I didn’t not manage to throw everything and i did  a research thru Gmarket.. 

Guess what i found…

 It’s a Portable Mini Paper Shredder..


It’s quite useful when you need it if you are a freelance writer or u work at home or even you have  a mini office you doesn’t wanna to get expensive Paper Shredder Machine which cost you about SGD $39.90 or even more just to scrap off all your old invoices or bills or confidential papers.. 


I had manage to found this which cost me like below SGD $25 it’s quite ok for me as I have to clear 1 carton of unwanted papers with my address n name on it.. it’s hard to clear it whenever you want to throw it right away from after all I think twices and decided to go for this item…


This portable Paper Shredder it’s quite noisy.. if u are gonna to shredder the paper and it’s only take up 1 paper at the time… so you need more time to shredder… the handle is quite loose and noisy as well.. but it’s worth the money.. 


If you want to get this, Here is the link for you… It’s comes with 2 Colors Blue/Black ..
For the shipping wise.. it’s take you about 2 weeks and it’s deliver to your doorstep by Eurasia

Happy Shopping Girls… 🙂

Good nights time for me to logout and have a too rest ahead

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