Ikea Furniture

Hello Bloggers,
Hi! I went missing in action almost a month. If you have follow me in my twitter i was busy spring cleaning my room for 1 week and also busy head down to Ikea Furniture in the East Tampines to get my new Micke Desk n storage unit with my parents…

This is my first time visit Ikea Furniture at Tampines Branch area. I was pretty happy to make my way trip to East side as I think it’s much bigger x2 compare to Alexandra branch and it’s more easy to find my things that i wanted to buy.


I had lunch with my parents at the Ikea Cafe before we shop..
Mom was looking at the flowers as she want to take a look… 
This is the table that I caught in my eyes for few months ago so finally i decided to get this as i have been eye-ing this for so long it’s cheap less than $100 bucks… I don’t really go for expensive one as it’s won’t last long.. for my old wooden desk was with me almost 30 years and i decided to change a new desk.

Self serve furniture area is the place where i need to collect my desk.. a nice uncle who work there help me with my finding desk as i can’t find the number… Thank you so much for ur help they are pretty friendly if u need help or assist of ur goods.. remember to ask them… =D


finally it’s in my room… pretty loves this table to the max…


I also replace my desktop into iMac 21.5 from apple reseller at Plaza Singapura. This is my very first time using iMac 21.5 no joke man… I’m super noob.. >.< thanks to my dear friend who teach me how to use… without him… i think i  will go gila (in malay means crazy) LOL….. 
I’m so sorry to all my oversea readers, If you notice that I’m not a full time blogger.  all you need it’s to just follow me on my twitter or come back often ok? I will try my best to update as much as I can… I will start my E-store online very soon…. so do come in often..
I suppose to post the Formula drift Singapore 2012 photos up as well.. that will be my next post.. give me sometimes. Thank you my dear readers… do click my nuffnang advertisement if you are able to view it.. no harm it’s not virus ya… 
Good nights all.. It’s late now in Singapore time 1040pm, Monday 16th July…

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