Super Import nights

Hello! It’s the big boys event in Singapore again… Yes.. the Super Import nights 2012 was held in Singapore expo hall  last weekend… didn’t you guys drop by? It was held on the 25th May 2012 to 27th May 2012 with imported car & imported  female models… hot & sexy from all over the world such as Singapore,Taiwan, USA,India,Msia n etc… 
I manage to take a half day leave on friday 25th May 2012 to drop by to SIN Super Import Night just for this event. Some of the photos i took it thru my Galaxy Note as I had sold my Canon 500D and i’m saving up to get a better DSLR camera. All photos are copyright by me/friends & the organiser of 9tros.. This event was organized by Three apples,Westlake,Hocen,9tro,Nikon n etc.. you can check the poster below.. 
9tro’s Magazine is a part of the Organizer.. look the huge board at  Super Import nights 2012..
Super Kiasu  xP
9tro’s female models…Photo credited by my friend

 This car below is 1 of my favourite car in this event… totally love this car alot. Looks elegnant if it’s comes with golden rims n GT WING sadly it’s doesn’t… totally all matte black..
Well, I’m a lady who is passion with cars ever sinces when i was young. I had been to many car events in Singapore & taipei itself.. I used to join Honda/integra/K Club  in my age of 20s. Some ladies who doesn’t really know much about cars until they are  really into 100% car freak such as car techs,car parts,car garage n etc… I  myself also had attend events for BMW/F1 races sinces the last time back that was like donkey years ago… blah blah blah…. that’s was an invitation and i got a  free pass for myself to get in =D I was addicted on cars because of my ex who droves EG6  during my 20s as we always drove into sepang and pg for dragrace  almost every weekend and that’s how I started to  loves cars… when you started to hit my  age

above 30s.. we lost in touch … due to work n family lifes.

check check check….
ok cutting of my oldies nonsense.. back about super import nights 2012..

 the final photos….are you ready for it? LOL

The below photo are credited by sponsor of the events.. Thank you!

For the next event will be Formula drift Asia in Singapore.. do stay tune for more newly updates =)

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