Haircut @ Salon Vim

Hello! I went 313 Somerset yesterday to have a hair cut & hair wash. It’s mine very first time at Salon Vim. I was pretty exciting. I had been to many salon thought some are nice but i feel so uneasy.. for Salon Vim, I feel welcome and super relax..

Their Receptionist are very friendly, They called me to confirm if i’m going down on monday as I had a eyes swelling on friday i didnt manage to go down. Thank god that my appointment is confirm  yesterday.

When i reached to Salon Vim it’s already packed with people. I was served by the friendly Receptionist asked if i need any beverages… So I had a cup of warm water and a biscuit given.

While I’m waiting for my hairstylist, I  took out my Galaxy Note to start playing games and facebooking as it’s feel so bored waiting for my hairstylist come over.

Shortly after, my hairstylist [Ivan Kan] came up to ask if i need a hair makeover. I told him I want to chop my long hair to shoulder length. After that he check my long hair he told me I had a bad hair scalp especially my bad dandruff as i need a badly hair treatment and he explaint that I need to rebond my hair ends sinces I had not rebond for almost 2 -3 years etc..

I will be doing hair treatment n colour for my next appointment.  ❤ ❤

I feel refresh now afterall this years.

 I manage to have a newlook of myself to start a brand new day..

Jia You! ❤

If you are planning to make yourself a newlook nv fails to drop by Salon Vim.

Remember to make an appointment!

Salon Vim

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

Telephone: 6884 7757 / 6884 7767

My Hairstylist  [Ivan Kan]


3 thoughts on “Haircut @ Salon Vim

  1. Cool blog!

    We just launched a new website in Singapore called The site helps people find the best hair salons (and stylists), it would be sooooooo awesome if you could do a really quick review of Salon Vim on the site. Last week we had over 15,000 visitors trying to find a new hair salon, your advice and review of the Salon Vim would be really cool and honest and really help people 🙂

    Keep blogging – your rock!

    ZupaDo x

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