#3 Gmarket Hauls

I am 1 of Gmarket’s top bloggers March issue 2012. It’s was my first time winning the simple post on my #2 Gmarket Hauls.  The Prizes is 50,000 KRW .

After, I had settle my Gaccount Cash, I had manage to order my 2 tops using Gaccount Cash. It’s pretty easy to use rather to use my cards to pay n deduct. Ok.. Talking about my Hauls. I had make an order on the 24th April and I received on the 30th April 2012.  fast n good ya? it’s only took at least 1 week to receive.

This are my loots that i’m gonna to intro  to you girls if you need get cardigans or some simple top from Korea Gmarket. =)

EMS always give me this big box whenever I buy how many products frm Korea Gmarkets. They should have gave me the smaller box instead sinces I only buy a few extra items from Korea Gmarket this round.

I took a photo before I unpack out my stuff to show u girls my items before I started to use..

My first long blouse is the new arrival 2012 frm Sugarfun. I selected Orange for this top. It’s comes with 3 Colours. Black White & Orange. I had been wearing Dark Colours everyday to work or shopping.. I’m getting sick of it.. >.<“””

The string on my waist can be removed. It’s shown here on the website. The blouse material is good it’s lightweight and not those kind of cheapo material.   I prefer wearing it with black thin/big belts so that my figure can been seen.

Sugarfun is selling this at 18,900원 [ Link ]  Item: C_소울롱끈블라우스_다홍

My 2nd top is the black cardigan.  I worn this to work almost everyday it’s thick and it’s keep me warm especially I’m afraid of being cold I starts to shiver alot and can’t concentrate on my work. It’s fit me just nice only my arm abit tight as my arm is abit fleshy. But it’s still fits me well enough it’s comes with 2 pocket on the side as well. =)

Sugarfun is selling this at 18,900원 [ Link ]  Item:  D_록시가디건_블랙

Final item to intro you is this Hair Colour Dye from the Face Shop Korea. My mom started to use it it’s doesnt comes with a strong cermanics smell. This Hair dye are made frm herbs. It’s good for hair as well. My mom ask me to purchase this item for her again. =)

The Face shop seller [ Link ]

do check if they still have stock for this. I guess they removed..  that’s all for today post..  I hope I can still win the April Issue 2012 top blogger again. =)

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