Antoinette Parisian Patisserie

I know they are very Popular in Singapore and It’s was on Channel 8 HDB 太太 3 by Kym Ng & Chen Lin Ping。

Finally, I manage to try the cakes as mine family member bought it home sinces the Main branch is so near to my place where I stay just a few lanes away.

I manage to give a photoshoot for the cakes inside the box.

I really loves the decoration done by our Singaporean, Mr Chef Pang. I should like to recommend my friends Le Royale.

My 2nd choice is the Pink fruit cakes and 3rd choice is Atoniette

Le Royale (SGD$8.00)

it’s Pink fruits cake (SGD $8.00+)

Antoinette (SGD $9.00)

Antoinette Patisserie Tea Salon:  30 Penhas Road Tel: +65 6293 3121


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