Gmarket #2

Hello Bloggers,
This is my second buying from korea Gmarket. I order my gmarket stuff on the 24th Feb 2012 and I received  my parcel on 2nd March 2012… the services for Gmarket are pretty good and fast even the Customer services too as you know they don’t work on weekends like Sat & Sunday. They can only replies you on Monday if you have any problems on the items n etc…


This time round, I only grab a few items because I wanted to get PeriPera nail polish ^_^ and  finally I  bought it and they gave me freebies too =)

The free Lipbalm from Peri Pera.  Wonder Orange Red.

oooooHHHH…. Sexy mama…

 Now I don’t have to worry about my lips.

All I have to do is to apply this cute little lipbalm  ^_^. LOL…

I order this 3 Colour from Peri Pera Perfume Nail Polish cost about ₩6,000 ($ 5.52),Seller Shop.


This Cute little skirt can be adjusted frm big to small just behind u have to pull the rubber and hook it into the button that given inside. it’s comes with a good quality cotton material and the seller also give me a little pink hairclip for my niece too.

Kids Wear:  The Item is SS34 Seller shop.


I bought this from Creaxion the most disappointed item I got it which i always want to get this for my Galaxy Note.. look.. they gave me the spoilt Leopard fur.. arg……… 😦

Creaxion selling at ₩23,000 ($ 21.16) Seller Shop. Item Number TV6


It’s always good to buy products from Korea Gmarket because they have the latest Fashion design in Asia and it’s also give us Discounts Coupons to use the only sad thing is the product which u received they maybe spoilt and can’t be exchanged…


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